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The Ellemonte’s Female Leaders Podcast is hosted by Ellen Van Acker.

Ellen shares insights and tips around female leadership. In this podcast we explore female leadership and the remarkable stories or empowered women in leadership. Some episodes are interviews with senior leaders or experts, others are solo.

The goal is to inspire female leaders and to accelerate female leadership by sharing insights.

The podcast is launched in August 2023 and supportive to the Female Leadership Accelerator. All videos from the interviews will be made available in the last module of The Female Leadership Accelerator and on You tube.

If you have specific questions that you want to have addressed in the podcast, or guests that you would love to learn from, you can put them in the comments below!

#4: Getting your ambitions clear Ellemonte, the female leaders podcast

If you want to achieve your ambitions, you need to have them clear. In this episode Ellen will take you along in the importance of that and how you can get your ambitions clear in a 3phased approach. If you can use some more guidance in this, be sure to check out http://www.femaleleadershipaccelerator.com to enroll for this 2month program starting 29 September 2023.
  1. #4: Getting your ambitions clear
  2. #3: Key learnings from Leonie Sandelbaum
  3. #2 What makes you a ‘good’ leader?
  4. #1 Embracing your leadership journey

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