Are you a high potential or (female) leader looking for guidance in your corporate ambitions and your personal development?

Ellen (Msc) is an experienced professional and leader, also certified by the International Coaching Federation in Level 1 Organisational Coach ACC. She works on a daily basis within the corporate industry with a lot of ambitious professionals who she leads, coaches and mentors. Next to that she also offers coaching on an individual basis. Ellen mostly works with high potentials that are looking for growth and female leaders who want to break through in a male dominated environment. Personal development and leadership are the biggest themes. Strength based development and authenticity are key in her coachings.

She applies an approach based on the GROW model that focuses on your goals, potential and the reality in which you operate in order to explore options and actions from there on. She offers you a safe environment as a coach to reflect in a structured manner and can share her own experiences to inspire, if needed.

How does it work?

You can first request a 30 min free get to know meeting without any obligations. This because it is important that there is a click and that you trust that Ellen will help you with your growth challenge.

Coaching will be in online sessions.

You can choose from 3 different coaching journeys:

3 months coaching

This coaching journey contains 4 coach hours during a 3 months period. Focus will lay on basic processes or on one specific question.

Private rate: 600€

6 months coaching

This coaching journey contains 8 coach hours during a 6 months period. With a duration of 6 months your can work more focussed on braiking through certain underlying and often unconscious patterns that stand in your way.

Private rate: 1100€ 

In addition to the online training

Did you follow the online training and do you have specific questions or the need for some more in depth guidance, than you can book additional coaching session(s).

Private rate per hour: 125€

What kind of results can you expect?

My coaching offers a safe environment where you can reflect, get inspiration and energy from. It is a source for awnsers on your plans, visions and ideas. This results in better insight on the things that truly matter and strenghtens the connection with your colleagues and people around you while staying authentic and true to yourself.

Contact Ellen to book coaching

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