About Ellen

Ellen was born in Belgium in 1983 and moved to the Netherlands in 2006 after she graduated. She now still lives in the Netherlands, together with her husband and 2 children. She started her career in the financial industry in 2006 and has been leading various teams since +/- 10 years in customer service, operations and product management. The common thread in her career lies in improving (online) customer experiences while creating efficiencies, with a focus on people and change management. She is currently heading around 300 employees in 20 countries, as Global Head of Product Operations within ING’s Wholesale Banking COO Daily Banking. Next to that, she coaches and mentors other female leaders, hosts a (Dutch) podcast and offers online trainings, all around personal growth and leadership

Relevant certifications and education

Msc, HUB, Certified by International Coach Federation (level 1 and 2 ACC), Executive program Sales Management Nyenrode, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Purpose to Impact from Core Leadership Institute, Search Inside yourself from Leadership Institute, Communication for Excellence by How Company, Insight in Influence by Zuidema, Project Management by de Baak Management Centre and several other leadership trainings.


The URL speaks for itself.. but my name is Ellen.

I was born and raised in Belgium, in Dendermonde. A city where everybody from Dendermonde is proud about, and so am I. I studied in Brussels, commercial science and moved to the Netherlands after my graduation. I have been working and living there ever since. I am now also married to the man that was the reason why I moved in the first place. We have 2 beautiful kids, on paper both Belgian, but they fully act and sound Dutch.

I am someone who is passionate about leadership. In my view, people should always be in the center point. People make the difference in every organization and therefore also towards customers and services.

As far as I am concerned, the role of leadership is to provide direction, empower people and enable them to do their job as good as possible, by removing barriers and helping them in their development.

That is my job and I have been doing that for years, but always in different roles, sizes and domains. I believe that servant leadership is key and I like to continuously develop myself in my own leadership.

I like changing environments, because they bring innovation and you learn from them. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to improve things. What I enjoy most, is determining the direction together with the team(s). Structuring it in such a way that everyone can take on his or her role so that we can jointly build towards it. Let me remove obstacles, coach my team in the struggles they experience and adjust approach where needed, all to accelerate towards delivery.

It is my mission to empower women to rise and work more from their strengths. That is for me key in outperformance. You need to be able to be yourself.

With that goal in mind, I started early 2022 sharing my insights online and certificating myself as executive coach through the International Coaching Federation. My company, Ellemonte (French for ‘she rises’), was founded it 2023.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests.

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Purpose Ellen Van Acker

The lioness that roars and leads you off the reservation

That is my purpose and how I stand in life.

Just like a lioness, I’m always part of a team. I don’t necessarily have to be in front of the troops, but I take the lead if necessary. I care for those I feel responsible for and will fight for their needs. I like to look beyond what is accepted. That way I lead towards innovation and new insights, for myself and my environment.

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