Giving feedback difficult? Not if you do it like this

Use the Feedback Rules We all have things that bother us. Colleagues or managers that annoy us with the way they act or how they treat us. Situations that frustrate us because they never seem to change. We don’t feel acknowledged or understood. All things that lead to negative energy and unproductivity because they simplyContinue reading “Giving feedback difficult? Not if you do it like this”

Find your purpose in 5 steps

Purpose. A word you often hear these days. Companies, but also individuals have a purpose. In both cases it means the same: a higher goal why you exist. But what is your purpose? How do you find out and what can you do with it? It asks for a bit of self-reflection to figure outContinue reading “Find your purpose in 5 steps”

If you don’t jump, you’ll get nowhere

Our behavior is partly determined by our own experiences that we gain over the years. Based on what you have experienced, you build up certain beliefs. Beliefs that unconsciously guide your thoughts and behavior. Beliefs that you often take for granted, in which you confirm yourself and with which you create your own reality. LimitingContinue reading “If you don’t jump, you’ll get nowhere”

Als je niet springt, kom je nergens

Ons gedrag wordt mede bepaald door de ervaringen die we door de jaren heen zelf opdoen. Op basis van wat jij meegemaakt hebt, bouw je bepaalde overtuigingen op. Overtuigingen die je gedachten en gedrag onbewust sturen. Overtuigingen die je vaak voor waar aanneemt, waar je jezelf in bevestigt en waarmee je je eigen realiteit creëert.Continue reading “Als je niet springt, kom je nergens”

How do you get to know yourself better and why would you want to?

Who are you? But then something deeper than just your name, age, position and hobbies. What are you good at? Why is that? Are you already making the most of that? How can you ensure that you become more and more empowered? How do you behave under stress? Why do you feel pressure at suchContinue reading “How do you get to know yourself better and why would you want to?”

Hoe leer je jezelf beter kennen en waarom zou je dat willen?

Wie ben jij eigenlijk? Maar dan iets dieper dan alleen je naam, leeftijd, functie en hobby’s. Waar ben je goed in? Waarom is dat zo? Benut je dat al optimaal? Hoe kun je ervoor zorgen dat je steeds meer in je kracht komt? Hoe gedraag je je onder stress? Waarom ervaar je dan die druk?Continue reading “Hoe leer je jezelf beter kennen en waarom zou je dat willen?”

Dromen zijn geen bedrog

Het is vandaag precies 4 jaar geleden dat ik samen met mijn man en onze zoon vertrok op wereldreis. We besloten dat het tijd was om aan ons zelf te denken. Even genoeg gewerkt en tijd om te genieten. We verkochten ons appartement, stalden onze inboedel, staken alles wat we nodig hadden in een paarContinue reading “Dromen zijn geen bedrog”

You cán turn your dreams into reality

Today it is exactly 4 years ago that I went on a world trip with my husband and our son. We decided it was time to think about ourselves. Enough of all that working, time to enjoy. We sold our apartment, stored our belongings, packed everything we needed into a few suitcases and hit theContinue reading “You cán turn your dreams into reality”