If you don’t jump, you’ll get nowhere

Our behavior is partly determined by our own experiences that we gain over the years. Based on what you have experienced, you build up certain beliefs. Beliefs that unconsciously guide your thoughts and behavior. Beliefs that you often take for granted, in which you confirm yourself and with which you create your own reality.

Limiting beliefs

If those beliefs are negative, they hinder you by causing you to feel fear and go into self-protection mode.

Those moments when you face something new, unknown, out of your comfort zone and it all feels scary. You hear voices in your head and you make yourself see all the negatives. Am I good enough? What if I fail? All limiting thoughts, driven out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change. Thoughts where you convince yourself about that they are right. It’s a bit like when our son learns how to ride a bike, he thinks he can’t, will fall off and hurt himself. And thus he falls, thereby reinforcing his own conviction that he can’t ride his bike. When we talk about the worst thing that could happen, I promise him I’ll hold him so he can’t fall. He believes that and starts cycling without struggling.

It’s normal that you also have those kinds of thoughts when you are faced with something new and unknown. Everyone has these kinds of beliefs. But when they start hindering you, it’s a real shame. Because they don’t help you, they limit you.

As a close friend said to me recently when I needed a push to make my site and training public: ‘If you don’t jump, you don’t have anything’.

Wise advice and exactly what I needed. I know it.. I understand the theory behind it and I know that I only have to win. But it still felt scary!

The beauty of it is, every time you step over such a limiting belief, they will disapear or at least become smaller. You build up new experiences and with that, new beliefs. It makes something that felt scary a lot more gentle. So basically, all you have to do is make sure you step over your thoughts and dare to jump 😉 Easy?

Are you also thinking about something new?

Would you like to try or change something in your life, but do you feel thoughts popping up that prevent you from doing it?

No, it is not easy. But by being aware of it, you can take steps to remove those barriers.

Create positive constructive believes

You can turn any negative belief into a positive one. You’ll learn to motivate yourself instead of standing yourself in the way. You’ll dare to jump and to teach yourself other beliefs.

By turning your limiting thoughts into positive ones, the feeling doesn’t just go away. Some limiting beliefs are deeply ingrained. But, it is the beginning to get a grip on your negative thoughts and to learn to approach it more positively.  

Suppose for example that you want a new job. Then you could be hindered by the thought that you don’t want to fail or make mistakes. You can turn that thought into: I can only learn from this and develop myself, even if I make mistakes.

Sometimes you also need an action to turn your mind around. Like I had to share my fear with my friend to get that push. Or, if you are interested in a job but you are afraid that you won’t fit the profile and they’ll turn you down. You can look at it in a constructive way by wanting to investigate what the job and requirements actually are. This either shows that you would be a good fit, you find out what you need to do to get there or you end up concluding that you don’t find it so interesting after all. Nothing but positive!

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