You cán turn your dreams into reality

Today it is exactly 4 years ago that I went on a world trip with my husband and our son. We decided it was time to think about ourselves. Enough of all that working, time to enjoy. We sold our apartment, stored our belongings, packed everything we needed into a few suitcases and hit the road. Although it wasn’t all the time fun and games (sorry @Karl ;-)), it was the best time of my life!

When I was feeling down a while ago, my husband said ‘otherwise we can always sell everything and start traveling again’. That thought made me so happy right away..  I started dreaming.

Dream to do that again, to do it more often, even for a shorter period or time. In any case, to have the freedom that we can decide at any moment that it is time to discover the world again and enjoy together. But then, without emptying our savings account all the time.

I didn’t let go of that thought and started thinking about how I could work towards it step by step. By offering my expertise online, for example, I can ensure that income continues when I am not working for a while. Broadening experience and expanding online so that people and companies can find me in the challenges where I can help them. Then I can choose when I step into which project, or not.

Today I’m taking the first step towards that.

What is better than when you take a step towards your dream, that you do so by helping others exactly with that? I have the the MVP of my site live and my first online training. A training that helps you to – yes – find your dream job, work towards it and realize it. A training filled with self-reflection, personal development and guidance how to pursue your ambitions. Something in which I have gained a lot of experience during my career and was able to learn a lot from the experiences of others as well. Now it’s up to me to pass on my knowledge!

Does this mean we’re going to buy a ticket and start travelling again?

I must say it is itching extra hard because our daughter is currently exactly the same age as our son when we left 4 years ago.. But, no we do not need to go right now cuz I’m not really keen on home schooling neither.. But, I will in any case prepare myself for when that day comes and make sure that it is possible by then!

Do you also want to find your dream job?

Who are you and what do you want? It seems an easy question, but it often is not.

How do you make your dreams concrete and how do you make sure that you are taking staps that are going to bring you what you are looking for?

*Valid until 24-02-2022

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